What is a healthy mom life?

Being a mom is hard and full of worries and the unfiltered information load available is overwhelming. It’s so easy to drown out your inner voice and ignore your instincts.
I know, I’ve been there myself…

Here at Mamabel Wellness, I’m sorting through and testing the information so you don’t have to.

I’m putting my knowledge and life learnings into writing in the hopes of helping all my co-moms make more informed decisions in parenting – and feel confident about it even when going upstream.

Conscious Living

Become aware of yourself and how to live more mindfully.

I’m exploring different cultures’ traditions & views on living a healthy mom life and I’m combining the knowledge into easy-to-follow guides & inspiring stories.

Mind & Soul

Natural Parenting

Understand yourself and your role as a mother in the family.

Dive into the science, psychology, and cultural aspects of positive, gentle parenting and feel confident about following your natural instincts.


Holistic Health

A body in balance has the power to heal itself.

What you consume matters. I will empower you to make healthy choices for you and your family. Nourish your mind, body, & soul (and belly, of course)

Body & Health

How to live a natural, healthy life is a struggle to figure out in modern-day society. A quick google search might give you an idea. Or two. Or ten thousand.

Truth is, health is so many things and yet so simple. We just tend to clutter our lives with all the stuff we are told we need more – physically, mentally, and spiritually. Find out what’s natural and truly matters to you and get rid of the rest.

Mamabel mom holding and kissing her newborn

Ida Belal
Founder of Mamabel Wellness

"I'm on a journey - internally and around the world. To live and parent more naturally and make conscious choices along the way."
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