Hello fellow mamas of the world!

Maybe you’re here because you’re carrying your first child and wondering what to expect? Or maybe you’re a new mom struggling to listen to your inner voice and instincts in a sea of information and well-meaning advice?

Or perhaps you are starting to recognize there is more to life and more healthy ways of living than your current society provides? Welcome to all of you!

Let’s make healthy natural choices for our families – together!

Mamabel Wellness is for the conscious mamas out there who want to know how to – and why we should – live more as Mother Nature intended.

Allow me to introduce myself for a minute or two – and I invite you to do the same in the comment section below. I would absolutely love to connect with all of you.

My name is Ida Belal and I’m a full-time mother of two boys, a homemaker, and wife – Or as I like to introduce myself; CEO of Household. I’m a holistic health advocate who believes in gentle and natural parenting.

I want to make sure my family, as well as the world, is a safe and healthy place for our little ones to grow. And I’m guessing you’re a lot like me. 


Multicultural family

Going along with the status quo isn’t really my thing. I strive to keep an open mind about everything and broaden my knowledge and insights beyond borders and mainstream cultures. 

My family is a mix in itself as I’m from Denmark and my husband from Afghanistan. Critical thinking flows through both our families and we grew up with each our elements of natural living. Elements we now combine and build on.

We travel the world and enjoy learning new aspects of living healthy and more naturally. I’m here to share these learnings with you to broaden your perspective. 


Why I’m writing

Being a mom is hard and full of worries and the unfiltered information load available is overwhelming. It’s so easy to drown out your inner voice and ignore your instincts. I know, I’ve been there myself.

Here at Mamabel Wellness, I’m sorting through and testing the information so you don’t have to.

I’m putting my knowledge and life learnings into writing in the hopes of helping all my co-moms make more informed decisions in parenting – and feel confident about it even when going upstream.

What Mamabel Wellness is about

This platform is about the holistic health and wellness of mamas and their families. Through the lens of different cultures, various experts, and my own experiences I cover topics such as;

  • Natural Parenting 
  • Body & Health 
  • Mind & Soul
  • Homemaking

You’ll get an abundance of resources on mindful and sustainable living to achieve natural health and wellness.

I’m going beyond just sharing knowledge as I create tangible advice and easy-to-follow guides. Complex matters will become understandable and I promise to keep it down to earth and relatable.

Furthermore, you’ll get ideas on how to involve and educate your kids in this journey towards sustainable, mindful living.

Let’s create our own happiness – It’s in the moments we allow ourselves to be present.

Motherhood is busy as heck and I hope this resource will free your time a bit to spend with your family. 

Wisdom begins with wonder..

At the very least, I hope to make you more curious about life and your role as a mother. To help you find out what matters to you and get a more holistic approach to health and wellness.

Thanks for listening so far and stay tuned!


With love,

Founder of Mamabel Wellness